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dirty carpet ventura california dirty carpet ventura california

Carpet has a nasty habit of trapping nasty smells in it. Unlike tiles or floorboards, smells can seep deep into your carpets. As such, getting rid of those awful smells can be challenging to say the least.

Moisture is a major cause of foul smells getting trapped in the carpet fibers and underlayment beneath it. Carpet soak up spills, pet messes and standing water, which leave behind an unpleasant odor. Here are some of the usual suspects why certain smells get into your carpet.

  1. Water spills

While water might smell on its own, it does when it mixes with the fibers in your carpet. Depending on the material your carpet is made of, your entire room could end up reeking. There are two reasons that spills and stains make your carpet smell.

  • You cleaned the mess up wrong. Many people rub furiously at the spill or stain to clean it up. The problem is this just embeds the mess deeper into the carpet fibers.
  • Food and drinks account for most spills. As an organic material just like pet messes, the bacteria associated with food and drink release unpleasant smells over time. Food and drink can also create some of the hardest smells to get out of your carpet.
  1. Mold and Mildew

The moldy, musty smell is the late warning sign that something nasty is growing where you can’t see it, most likely under the carpet padding/

  1. Pet stains

Any pet owner knows that even the cutest pets can cause nasty messes on your carpet – especially if they aren’t properly trained.

  • Fur, fluff and dander
  • Urine and feces
  • Fur balls
  • Vomit and saliva
  1. Aging carpet

As fibers break down, they emit their own ‘’old carpet’’ smell. An old carpet may smell simply because its owner hasn’t cleaned it often enough over the years.

  1. Above – ground moisture

Any moisture source can bring its associated smells with it when your carpet soaks it up. As the carpet dries, the smells remain in the carpet fibers.

If you do not feel comfortable cleaning the carpet yourself, contact a carpet cleaning professional to do the job right. Keeping your carpet clean and maintained will not only improve the look and the life of your carpet, but also improve the look of the interior of your home.

Contact SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911


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Spring Cleaning sign Spring Cleaning Ventura County California

As winter recede back and we come out from hibernation, we start to notice a few things that were overlooked in favor if staying warm. Cleaning is one of the last things you feel like doing if you’re cold and uncomfortable, but spring changes all that. A good spring cleaning is an opportunity to refresh your home and enable you to enjoy all benefits of seasonal change.

Here are some reasons is important for your home.

  1. Spring Cleaning Reduce Stress

There’s nothing like a cluttered and messy home to put a spike in your stress levels. The act of cleaning itself is empowering and relaxing at the same time, easing the stress on your shoulders.

  1. Spring Cleaning Improves Your Mood

Clutter can make you cranky and sends a visual signal that things are not in the place that you want them, causing sadness, anger and even deprecation.

  1. Spring Cleaning Increased Productivity

By decluttering, you are allowing yourself easier access to the things you need them. It’s important to note that this doesn’t just cleaning, it also involves reorganizing for a more efficient system of where everything goes.

  1. Spring Cleaning Improved Air Quality

A thorough cleaning is crucial to make sure your home’s air is healthy to breath. Dust and allergens that build up over the long winter need to be removed.

  1. Spring Cleaning Give You Better Concentration

Having an excess of things around you can be distracting and have a negative impact on your focus and productivity.

If you are seeking for proper cleaning of your home, call SERVPRO of Ventura. We understand the stress and worry. Our technicians are trained to use specialized cleaning and disposal techniques. Call us at SERVPRO of Ventura (805) 656-3911


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dirty vent Air Duct Cleaning Services Ventura California


Winter is already behind us, spring has finally arrived. Now is a great time to schedule your air duct cleaning service.

Do I need Air Duct Cleaning?

An average 6-room house collects 40 pounds of dust and allergens in air duct every year. Now, it is best to schedule your spring air duct cleaning service to remove the dust, dirt and allergens that circulate throughout your home with summer air condition use. Adding HVAC maintenance to your spring cleaning list isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. Here are few steps you can take to make sure HVAC system is prepared for the changing seasons.

  1. Maintain filters

Use high efficiency air filter recommended by manufacturer of your HVAC system and change filters regularly. Change them frequently if your filters become clogged.

  1. Dust your home

HVAC system serves as the metaphorical lungs of your home. Your windows were sealed tight over the winter, your indoor air recirculated over and over again. Any built – up dust, dirt, debris in your home could have ended up in your ducts, affecting your indoor air quality.

  1. Clean cooling coils and drain pans

Cooling coils that are designed to remove ware from air, can be a major source of moisture contamination. This will lead to mold growth in your HVAC system. Make sure that the drain pans under the coils drain properly and check any nearby insulation for wet spots. If you see substantial standing water on the pans, contact a service professional immediately.

We at SERVPRO of Ventura can help you how serious the problem is. Our technicians are trained to use specialized cleaning and disposal techniques to remove any contaminants from your ducts safely and completely. Pease call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911


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cooking stove turned on cooking stove turned on

Gas is a reliable, and cost efficient energy source, although it has been known to cause issues like leaks, fires and extreme explosions which give a bad reputation in public. 

The smell of gas within your property can be alarming and should be treated seriously. Below are several important things that you need to do if you smell gas: his guide will take you through the process, keeping you safe when situation arise.

  1. Take a Necessary Precautions

If you notice an unpleasant rotten egg smell inside or near your house, you should take extra caution. Avoid potentially dangerous activities like;

  • Smoking or igniting matches
  • Turning lights on or off
  • Utilizing electronic appliances
  • Adjusting the thermostat
  1. Check your Appliances

Check the unit’s pilot light or restart if you detect unusual odor near your furnace, stove or water heater.

  1. Call for Assistance

If you do smell gas in your house or property, you should act on it immediately as this is not something to be taken lightly. Call the free phone 24-hour emergency number. If you cannot get through to the emergency number, then call 911. Avoid using any phone near the suspected seepage.

A gas fire can spread immediately and cause significant damage, requiring extensive cleanup and restoration. For fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup services, please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911


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Cleaning air duct with brush Air Duct Cleaning Services SERVPRO of Ventura

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as clean house, but what if your home isn’t as pick and span as you thought it was? Your floors are spotless and even your baseboards are bright and dust-free, but what about the areas you do not see every day? HVAC ducts, the metal conduits that pipe cooled or heated air through your house, are a favorite hiding place of dust, dirt and other allergens. Honestly, though, it makes more sense to think about what happens when you don’t keep air ducts clean. You see, all dust and other particulate matter that your air filter doesn’t catch accumulates on the walls of your air ducts. It floats around in the air you breathe, lands on all your indoor surfaces and causes all sorts of other problems.

Good news, the problems can all be prevented by cleaning your air ducts regularly. Below are the benefits of air duct cleaning.

  1. Cleaner Indoor Air

Your air filter can’t stop 100 percent of the contaminants in your indoor air. After all, if the air can get past it, that means that very small contaminants can get through as well.

Some matter gets trapped in your air duct walls. If there’s no wall space left, the dust, germs and other debris come through the vents in your house. Cleaning all the dust from your air ducts keeps it from circulating in your home, at least for a few months.

  1. Reduce Dust

Dust will land on your tables, counters and other indoor surfaces. You will need to vacuum your home much more frequently when you don’t clean your air ducts.

  1. Reduce Odors

Molds or rodents are usually caused by disgusting in your air ducts. Cleaning your air duct will make your house smell fresh again.

  1. Reduce your energy bill

When HVAC is overworked due to the constricted airflow, it uses more energy which increases your electricity bill. The house wont heat or cool as well when the airflow is constricted. Cleaning your air duct ensures the maximum efficiency of your HVAC system.

If your home’s air ducts need to be cleaned, rely on the experts to do the job right. Professional air duct cleaners use commercial - grade vacuum systems and powered brushes to loosen and remove dirt and debris from your home’s HVAC system and ductwork without worsening the quality of the air inside your home. Please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911


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Construction worker cleans up drywall demolition Post Construction Cleanup in Ventura County


Construction and renovations are messy. Projects often include demolition and installation, leave behind unused scraps and materials, and present a much different end result than what you might have envisioned. With all of the fast – paced commercial building construction and remodeling going on who has time to do your after – construction cleaning? SERVPRO of Ventura is here to ensure your finished building projects always looks their best.

Cleaning after construction isn’t just a matter of dust, either. It requires knowing how to properly dispose of hazardous materials, how to clean and polish brand new flooring and walls and addressing safety issues like loose wires or leaks.

During construction, a building can often trap moisture, excessive moisture could result in mold growth. If you think that your project may have a potential for moisture, rely on our experts at SERVPRO of Ventura to provide you with the tools that you need to eliminate the humidity in the air by placing dehumidification to stabilize your environment and preventing the potential for mold growth.

What’s include in house cleaning after construction?

  • Removing dust, dirt and scuffs from all surfaces
  • Vacuuming and dusting woodwork, fixtures and appliances
  • Clean the trim, baseboards, frames and door jambs
  • Cleaning tiles or brickwork
  • Ensuring the rest of the house or building is clean after construction.

Another stage takes place just after the construction work wraps up is scrubbing down plywood or concrete to ensure the new flooring is installed correctly. Disposing of debris, leftover building materials and other large pieces is also included in the house cleaning after construction.

Let the professionals at SERVPRO of Ventura help to ensure your post construction needs are handled in a timely manner. Please call us SERVPRO of Ventura  at (805) 656-3911


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man disinfecting home interior Disinfecting Services SERVPRO of Ventura

During the holidays, family and friends gather to celebrate the festive season. People host get-together at their homes, inviting loved ones to spend time with them to share meals and exchange gifts. One of the ways hosts prepare for holiday guest is to clean their home. With the Coronavirus pandemic still raging, it’s best to consider proper home sanitation and safety this holiday season.  Here are ways to make disinfecting easier this holiday season.

  1. Kitchen Cleaning

Disinfect countertops, sink, faucets and handles regularly and don’t forget refrigerator handles and cutting boards. Check manufacturing instructions if you are not sure about your countertops or utensils specific cleaning instructions. Clean Spills on the floor right away. Spilled liquid is likely to attract dirt and bacteria you don’t want to deal with.

  1. Spray Garbage Baskets after Emptying

Empty kitchen and bathroom wastebaskets frequently, sprits them with sanitizing spray.

  1. Bathroom Cleaning

No one wants to use a dirty bathroom, so make sure you spend enough time and energy on your bathroom so that your guests have a clean bathroom to use.  It is important to clean your entire bathroom when you can, but if you can only clean two parts of your bathroom, focus on sink faucet and handles, since these are what you touch the most often.

Although the holiday season is a fun time of the year, it can also be a stressful one. With so much to do to prepare, you may not have time or energy for house cleaning. But you also know how important is to have a clean home for you and your guests.  Professional can help you tackle laborious cleaning jobs with their whole house deep cleaning services.

If you think that your home needs some CLEANING, we at SERVPRO of Ventura  are here to help. Call us at (805) 656-3911. All of our cleanup practices are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC and local authorities.


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Smoke Odor Removal Smoke Odor Removal


Have you ever noticed the smell of tobacco smoke in an area where no one appears to be smoking, or lingering smell of tobacco in a hotel room previously occupied by smokers? Or have you ever bought or rented a home that completely restored yet sometimes you could still smell tobacco smoke? It’s because after years of smoking in all rooms, even the bones of a house can have infused with tobacco odor, living unpleasant smells in all rooms, not just where someone has smoked.

Why tobacco smoke is such a big problem

Cigarette smoke leaves a yellowish brown, glue residue that sticks to all surfaces of a home making it difficult to remove. You can see this residue when you clean walls and windows. It also produces odorous substances that stick to every surface of the area where smoking has taken place. It clings on hair, clothing, cushions, carpeting, furniture, toys food and dust. It is considered a hazard because it contains toxic gases and chemicals that you cannot see. These chemicals pose a health risk because they combine with the air and other pollutants. Children are at risk of disease caused by exposure to the toxins from third hand residue. People are also exposed through shared ventilation, air ducts and leaky walls in apartment buildings.

An effective way to remove tobacco residue and odor is thorough cleaning then sealing of all structural surfaces. We at SERVPRO of Ventura, will do the smoke removal by cleaning all surfaces, using deodorizers to eliminate every tine particle of tobacco smoke. We have the hydroxyl generators and ozone generators that remove the odor molecules inside walls and ducting.

If you think that your home needs some CLEANING, we at SERVPRO of Ventura are here to help. Call us at (805) 656-3911. All of our cleanup practices are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC and local authorities.


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Drapery Cleaning Ventura, California Drapery Cleaning Ventura, California


Every day, draperies are exposed to airborne grime, dust and pollutants. But many people neglect their window treatments during routine house cleaning. As dirt and dust accumulates, your draperies may appear dull and dingy. They may also show wear and tear prematurely. Drapery become the home to contaminates overtime, it should be cleaned even on a daily basis. Professional cleaning techniques are necessary in the protection of your investment. Below are reasons why Drapery Cleaning is so vital to health and wellness of your residence or company.

Remove Hidden Dirt and Allergens

Draperies gather bacteria and different allergens that can affect your health and wellness. As draperies are made to hung over windows and doors, the material may also enter into contact with bugs, as well as dampness which can increase the threat of mold or mildew. Regular drapery cleaning help keep dust, dirt as debris at bay.

Protect you Drapes

 Drapery materials vary widely and without the proper knowledge of how to clean those fabrics, you risk permanent damage to your window coverings. Some drapes are safe for regular washing, while others require dry cleaning and professional cleaning services.

Extend life of your Drapery

Giving proper attention to something then life automatically increase, the same with the drapery. If you give proper maintenance to it then it will not stop giving you worth of it. There is no alternative to extend the life of your drapery except cleaning and maintaining regularly.

If you think that your home or business needs some CLEANING, we at SERVPRO of Ventura are here to help. Call us at (805) 656-3911.


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Ultrasonic cleaning is a technology that can remove contaminants that other machines cannot do. It is highly effective in the removal of contaminants, dirt and dust, oil and grease, chemical residues, calcium deposits, carbon deposits, rust, metal particles and miscellaneous debris.

At SERVPRO of VENTURA, we have a 4 – part system:

Using the first tank as our pre –wash tank which uses compressed air and chemicals. It removes the bulk of debris on contents.


Ultrasonic tank is the second tank. This uses generators and create a tiny bubbles collide with the contents. They suck the dirt, soot or debris of the contents.


The third tank is the rinsing tank. In such cases, distilled water and deionized water are often use to remove all traces of cleaning solution residues after parts are removed from cleaning bath.


In this component, a drying cabinet is powerful enough to dry electronics before they rust. The drying process dramatically reduces overall drying time and prevents the accumulation of moisture as well as the resulting of corrosion and spotting.

If you need your contents cleaned, we at SERVPRO of Ventura are here to help. Call us at (805) 656-3911.


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Air Duct Cleaning Ventura California Air Duct Cleaning Ventura California


Air filtration is a great way to keep harmful impurities from your home and protect your family’s health. Pets share our homes every day and bring with them pet odors, urine stains and skin dander. Families who have allergies, these odors can be upsetting and can cause respiratory distress. Using an air purifier has numerous benefits, but you need to know which is capable of removing unpleasant odors and noxious mold spores. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the best way to improve indoor air quality is to get rid of the source of pollutants and ventilate your interior spaces with clean outdoor air quality.


  • Removing mold spores and floating fungal particles
  • Generate atmosphere that are clean, odorless, dauntless and free from pet Dander

Styles of Air Purification

  1. Assuming you goal is to remove aerial fungi, one of your options is purifier that includes HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter. These filters remove 99.7% of particles of .3 microns and machines equipped with HEPA filter can improve your home’s air quality.
  2. Photo Electrochemical Oxidizer

By using a light activation to destroy air particles, capable of eradicating airborne offenders instead of merely trapping them.

  1. Carbon filter purifier, which traps gasses. Used to remove odors from air such as smell of tobacco.

If you think that your home needs some CLEANING, we at SERVPRO of Ventura are here to help. Call us at (805) 656-3911. All of our cleanup practices are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC and local authorities.


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Deep Cleaning Ventura California Deep Cleaning Ventura California


Get a fresh start to 2021 for you and your business. Time to evaluate your personal and professional goals. As part of planning, you should also consider the cleanliness of your workplace. As the COVID – 19 pandemic continues, there’s more reason than ever to deep clean your business. There’s no time quite like the new year to remove the dust and dirt from your office. With our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Program, SERVPRO of Ventura can rest assured that your business is sanitized, disinfected and cleaned to the standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Here are three different C’s that help your business inspire consumer confidence in your business’s cleanliness.


 We consult with you and your business to ensure that we provide the best cleaning program just for your facility’s needs. Depending on how your business is set up and the people who occupy your business, your business has needs that should be addresses accordingly with customs cleaning solutions.


 We perform an expert deep clean of your facility. Our professional team uses EPA – approved hospital grade cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean your business based on decontamination and cleaning standards set by CDC.


We post a certification of our cleaning procedures on your window in the form of shields that declares your business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

If you think that your business needs some CLEANING or DISINFECTING, we at SERVPRO of Ventura are here to help. Call us at (805) 656-3911. All of our cleanup practices are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC and local authorities.


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Document Restoration Ventura California Document Restoration Ventura California


Losing important documents in a flood can be devastating in your business. You can rebuild the structure and replace the furniture but you cannot replace papers and photographs. Property flooding puts documents at a great risk. Water and humidity can cause permanent deterioration to paper. Yet, good news is that water damaged paper restoration is achievable, if the water restoration company you select has document restoration services available.

What are the documents that can be restored?

  • Contracts
  • Manuscripts
  • Files
  • Books and magazines
  • Blueprints and maps
  • Photographs, films and negatives

An experienced technician is the key to a successful document restoration. SERVPRO of Ventura has advanced technology and knowledgeable professionals.

How are documents restored?

SERVPRO of Ventura uses the latest in document drying technology. Vacuum freeze –drying technique is the same process use by the Library of Congress to dry valuable documents.

Documents that has been exposed to flood water will likely contain harmful chemical and bacteria. SERVPRO of Ventura uses technology that will sterilize the documents so they are safe to handle. Rest assured that all documents will remain confidential. SERVPRO employs HIPAA – certified technicians who are under constant supervision. Hiring a document restoration professional is generally safer.

If you need water damage restoration service, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Content Cleaning and Pack out Services Ventura California Content Cleaning and Pack out Services Ventura California


When disasters strike, it affects more than just your home or building. Furniture, clothes and other items are often exposed to smoke and water damage. Your possessions are valuable. You worked hard to collect the items in your home. These items need to be cleaned. Other items simply need to be stored while clean up and construction process ensure. SERVPRO of Ventura know how to carefully handle, clean and store your possessions.

When you hire a Restoration Service Company like SERVPRO of Ventura to restore the contents of your home or business, we handle, clean and store cherished possessions. Our pack outs crew are trained in packing and inventory management.

With our pack out and content restoration process, our team will:

  1. Inventory, pack and transport items to a climate controlled facility.

2.Provide a printed copy of inventory of all items that are moved out.

  1. Clean, deodorize, re - pack and stored items in our warehouse as necessary.
  2. Track and document items throughout the entire restoration process.
  3. Return items to your home.

SERVPRO of Ventura, utilized advance products and systems for restoring a wide variety of different damaged contents and can work with you and your insurance company to determine which items should be cleaned or restored.

Do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Carpet Cleaning Ventura Carpet Cleaning Ventura


There is nothing better than having a clean, fluffy and perfectly well maintained carpet. Your carpet is one of the decorating investments that you make in your home. You took considerable care in choosing the color, material and pattern of your home’s carpet. When you take good care of your carpet, it can last for many years. Your carpet should be professionally cleaned, even if you vacuum regularly. Professional carpet cleaning extends the life of the carpeting and reduce allergies and illness. However, to save money, many of us alternate between the do-it-yourself cleaning and professional cleaning. The do-it-yourself is less expensive, but never as effective as professional cleaning.

Keeping your carpets in the best condition, mistakes can happen that can cause your carpet to wear prematurely. In order to help you keep your carpet lasting as long as it should, beware of the three most common ways do-it-yourselfers damage carpets.

  1. Over shampooing

Cleaning too frequently can actually wear down your carpet by loosening the fibers, making the carpet loose and more susceptible to dirt. Sometimes we apply too much shampoo during the cleaning process and we don’t properly rinse out what we applied. The chemicals left behind can damage your carpet, and will leave residue behind which will make your carpet into a dirt magnet.

  1. Over-Wetting

Happens when too much water soaks into the bottom of the carpet. If too much water is applied, you run the risk of not only inviting mold and mildew problems into your home. Some materials cause the carpet to discolor if they get too wet.

  1. Overuse of Deodorizers

Deodorizing powders can be effective for removing bad smells from your carpet but they are not used as a substitute for cleaning. Overuse of these powders can also cause buildups in your carpet, especially if your vacuum does not adequately remove them.

  1. Avoiding Professional Cleaning

Many carpet manufacturers warranties require that the carpet is professional cleaned. It is recommended by carpet manufacturers to have carpets professionally cleaned once every 12 months for maintenance. Dirt, dust, and other debris gather deep in the carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning services can remove this deeply embedded debris.

If you do not feel comfortable cleaning the carpet yourself, contact a carpet cleaning professional to do the job right. Keeping your carpet clean and maintained will not only improve the look and the life of your carpet, but also improve the look of the interior of your home.

Contact SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911


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Fall Preparation Ventura, California THE ULTIMATE FALL CLEANING CHECKLIST


 A clean home is proven to make you feel less stressed. It is more enjoyable place to be for your family and your guests. Fall is coming fast and that means it’s time for a great big, intense, thorough cleaning of your home. When preparing your home for holiday guests or the winter weather, here are fall cleaning checklist will help you choose how to best preserve and protect your home and belongings during the winter months.

  1. Deep-Clean Your Pantry

Start by inspecting your pantry. Remove all of the contents and put them off to the side. Wipe down your shelves, taking care to get rid of any crumbs or dust that may be hiding in the back. Check all the expiration dates of foods before returning then to their shelves.

  1. Prep Your Heavier Linens

Cooler temps have taken over, it’s time to get your winter linens out of storage and ready for regular use. Deep clean heavy duvets, wool blankets, and flannel sheets that are stored before using it.

  1. Invest in a Carpet Cleaning Service

Now is the time to give your carpet a good scrub. Shampoo or steam clean your carpet. It’s worth to get a professional carpet cleaning service at least once per year.  You could also shampoo or steam clean your carpet yourself.

  1. Vacuum Your Upholstery

During holiday gatherings, you want for your guests is to sit on your couch. It’s time to remove the dust from your upholstered furniture.  Vacuum your couch and chair cushions, and don’t forget to get in underneath them.

  1. Clean the Bedrooms

Launder your bedspread or comforter, decorative pillows, and the mattress cover. A fall cleaning is a great time to rotate or flip your mattress. Declutter and wipe down all surfaces. Don’t forget to dust off your electronics.

If you’d like some assistance in completing your big fall cleaning project, we are here to help. SERVPRO of Ventura will provide trustworthy and effective cleaning services. Please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911)


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Fall Preparation Ventura, California FALL PREPARATION AROUND YOUR HOME


The leaves are changing; the air is getting crisper. Summer is slowly fading away.  Though is not quite over yet, now’s the time to start preparing for fall around your home. Here are our top tips for getting your home ready for fall!

  1. Clean the garage

We rarely sweep the garage and junk tends to accumulate here. Move the cars out and give the concrete a good scrub down and get any leaves and dirt out of there.

  1. Clean the gutters

Hire a service to clear your gutters or do it yourself. Remove leaves, nests, and debris from gutters and check for leaks.

  1. Caulk around windows, doors and other openings

Remove screens and install storm windows and doors if you use them. Check caulk and seals around all doors and windows. Caulking around windows and doors prevents cold air from getting in and your conditioned inside air from getting out.

  1. Turn Off and Drain Outdoor Faucets and Sprinklers

A burst pipe can become an expensive and messy problem. Outdoor hoses and pipes will burst if they’re full of water when the temperatures plunge below freezing. Now’s a good time to see if you have pipes that need wrapping or if the old wrapping is deteriorating.

  1. Get your Furnace/HVAC System Checked

Hire an HVAC professional to test for leaks, check heating efficiency, and change the filter. They can check carbon monoxide to ensure air safety. Stock up on extra air filters and change them every few months.

  1. Change your batteries

Replace the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices and test to make sure they’re working properly.

  1. Repair and Maintain Your Roof

Check for cracks and wind damage in your shingles, be sure to take note of any missing or damaged shingles.

  1. Check the chimney and fireplace

If you have a wood fireplace and use it often, have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional.

Make sure that your home is prepared for the coming fall season. Preventative maintenance now will save money on expensive emergency repairs and wasted energy costs. For professional cleaning services, please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Household chemicals can absolutely make our lives easier, but many cleaners and chemicals can be dangerous when used improperly. To avoid serious accidents, carefully follow the instructions on the product label and make sure these five chemicals are always stored safely in your home or business to maintain safety.


It used as a refrigerant gas, for purification of water supplies, and in the manufacture of plastics, explosives, textiles, pesticides, dyes and other chemicals. It is found in many household and industrial-strength cleaning solutions. Pure chemical ammonia can cause severe burns and respiratory issues if it comes into contact with skin or is ingested. When working with ammonia, wearing heavy-duty gloves, goggles and a face mask are smart precautions to protect your health.


Also known as coolant, is a bright yellow or green liquid that mixes with the water in cars, trucks and other vehicles to keep the radiators from freezing or overheating. Swallowing antifreeze (ethylene glycol) may cause damage to the heart, brain, kidney and other internal organs. Inhaling antifreeze is not as dangerous, but may cause dizziness.


It's used to disinfect surfaces, too, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Hospitals and hotels use bleach to clean and disinfect bed linens and surfaces. Restaurants disinfect food preparation surfaces with chlorine bleach. Being a strong corrosive substance, bleach can affect the respiratory system if inhaled. It can also irritate or burn the skin and eyes. Always wear cleaning gloves and a dust mask when using bleach.


It is used to break down organic material that builds up and obstructs pipes. Most chemical drain cleaners contain powerful alkaline compounds, including lye, that can cause serious damage when it comes into contact with your skin or eyes.


It is formulated to freshen building rooms and enclosed places by releasing fragrances to combat undesirable odors and smells. This one probably comes as a surprise, but the truth is many commercial air fresheners contain formaldehyde and other potentially dangerous chemicals. Even ones called green and organic, can emit potentially hazardous chemicals.

These are just some of the more damaging household chemicals commonly found in homes. There are many other cleaners which contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

For professional cleaning services, please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.


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Opening Business during Covid-19 Corona virus ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR KEEPING YOUR STORE CLEAN


Running a store requires a lot of work, it can be a time consuming. Depending on the size of the store you may oversee the entire operation. One of the major concern in running a store is the costumer and the worker safety. A key component of safety is cleanliness. Your store will be judged on the appearance and the smell. These are things that costumer will notice.

How do you keep your store clean? Here are tips on keeping your store clean.

  1. Keep checkout aisles clean.
  2. Wipe down the touch areas of shopping carts and baskets with disinfectant cleaner and prepare them for use the next day.
  3. Clean shelves are a must in a store.
  4. Mop up spills or messes immediately.
  5. Have staff members wash their hands often.
  6. Make sure there is proper drainage where needed.
  7. Provide adequate sanitation supplies to employees.
  8. Ensure proper food handling and preparation procedures are followed
  9. Thorough sanitization of all food preparation areas.
  10. Remember to clean the restroom fixtures.
  11. Restrooms should be sanitized throughout the day.
  12. Walk in freezers and refrigerators should be thoroughly clean for food safety.
  13. Keep credit card reading machines clean
  14. Keep the floor clean. For more efficient and thorough floor sanitization, consider using an industrial auto-scrubber.
  15. Have a daily cleaning routine.

There are many other places that require regular and thorough cleaning. It can take significant time to properly clean your store. Consider hiring a professional service will save your time and effort. You will be able to rest knowing that proper cleaning is being performed according to your schedule. As always, we are here to help! Our team is available 24/7 to proactively clean businesses. please call us SERVPRO of Ventura at (805) 656-3911.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – a Defensive Cleaning Program

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Table tent signs describing the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program on top of a wooden table. Our defensive cleaning program gives your business a way forward by providing your employees and customers ongoing safety and assuredness.

Let us help you get back to business

As our communities re-open, we’re all moving back toward a new kind of normal. The expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we’re offering to businesses and commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you areCertified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Extensive training and specialized products

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.  Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen.

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

  • Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touchpoints, foot traffic and congestion points.
  • Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials.  In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 
  • Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard.

Call today for a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation

We’re Here to Help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – until life is back to normal in the communities we all call home.

Call SERVPRO of Ventura today at  (805) 656-3911 for your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

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SERVPRO cleaning Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

Ushering in a new standard of clean

As America gets back to business, we all have a new sense of what it means to be clean. In fact, 89% of consumers are uneasy about going back to brick-and-mortar locations*. At SERVPRO, we’re dedicated to inspiring confidence in communities across the country as we find our way to a new normal. And we’re doing just that with Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, our new defensive pathogen cleaning program, goes way beyond standard janitorial cleaning practices. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning. With over 50 years of experience in biochemical spill remediation and decontamination, you can trust SERVPRO professionals to bring a higher standard of clean to the places we gather.

So how does it work? It’s grounded in our unique 3 C’s:

  • Consult: Not all businesses are the same, so we’ll tailor a bespoke cleaning program based on the unique needs of each facility.

  • Clean: Based on the agreed plan, an expert deep clean is initiated using our proprietary EPA-Approved Hospital-Grade cleaning solutions and always adhering to the leading level of cleaning and decontamination standards set by the CDC.

  • Certify: You’ll know a business is Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned by the shield posted on their front window. Along with digital emblems and other collateral, this beacon represents their commitment to the comfort and security of their employees, customers and community.

So when you see the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned shield, you can walk in with confidence. Because you’ll know the #1 choice in clean up and restoration was there.

Are you interested in our Commercial Services, or are you a consumer who wants to learn more?

Have Questions? Call Today 

(805) 656-3911

*#1 Choice in cleanup & restoration based Commercial Attitude & Usage Tracking study. Polling 816 commercial business decision makers on first choice for future needs related to cleanup & restoration work. Study conducted by C&R Research: October 2019
**Certified SERVPRO Cleaned means professionally trained SERVPRO franchises perform the job according to proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry standards (CDC, RIA, IICRC) with EPA approved cleaning products to deliver a SERVPRO certified cleaning experience and result.

(*The Harris Poll conducted online on behalf of Fast, between April 28 and April 30, 2020. About 2,048 U.S. adults aged 18 or older participated.)


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Mold in Ducts Mold in Ducts


Mold in air conditioner units is a problem because every time you turn on your air conditioner, it will blow tiny, invisible mold spores into the room. Turning off the AC completely turns off all air flow in your home, which allows moisture to settle and mold to build up in the unit and air ducts but dust can feed mold. If you suspect mold is hiding in your AC vents, follow these guidelines.

  1. Get a mold test

To confirm that the substance in your HVAC vents is mold, contact a certified mold inspector. A professional inspector is accurate since they collect two samples, one for the test and the other one as a control sample. For this reason, they leave no chances for misleading results.

  1. Stop the HVAC unit

If you know or suspect that mold is growing in your AC ducts, don’t run the HVAC system. This can prevent mold from spreading even more throughout your home.

  1. Examine the air duct type

Check on what type of material the air duct is made.  Different cleaning methods is applied. Removing mold from bare sheet metal is much easier. If your ducts are made of fiberglass or insulated internally with fiberglass duct liner, they can’t be effectively cleaned and should be replaced.

  1. Prevent mold in AC vents

Find out what caused it to grow and take steps to eliminate the causes. Follow these tips to prevent HVAC mold.

  1. Control the humidity levels in your home.
  2. Fix water leaks and remove standing water.
  3. Ensure your HVAC components are easily accessible for proper cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Hire a mold removal company

The cleaning must be done safely using specialized tools and cleaners to prevent mold from growing back. A professional mold removal company can also address the causes which allowed mold to grow in the first place. Professional air duct cleaning involves using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved products and processes for effective mold removal.

If you suspect mold in air-condition duct.  Call SERVPRO of Ventura to perform professional air duct and vent cleaning. We rest assured your air duct system is in safe hands. We will inspect and consult on the status of your system and then clean, sanitize, deodorize duct systems where needed.

For more information on HVAC and air duct cleaning, call us today, (805) 656-3911.


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lady with cleaning products HOME DISINFECTION TIPS


Our home is supposed to be a safe place to relax and recuperate from what we’ve encountered out in the world. Unfortunately, we bring home the germs through dirty shoes, hands, clothes, and phones. Even if our home looks clean, it may still welcome contaminants that could affect your health. According to experts, cleaning frequently touched objects and surfaces can help to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. The best way to protect your family is to quite simply to clean your house. Here are helpful cleaning tips.

  1. Regularly clean frequently touched surfaces such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks, etc.
  2. Clean surfaces using soap and water. If a surface becomes contaminated or you think it could be, cleaning it with a common household disinfectant will kill the virus. Remember to wash your hands after cleaning or use alcohol based sanitizer and avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose.
  3. Wash clothes, towels and linens. Laundering cloths in the washing machine with normal washing liquid is also likely to kill the virus. Use the warmest appropriate water setting and dry items completely.
  4. For electronics, such as tablets, cellphones, keyboards, and remote controls, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and disinfecting. Use alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol. Wait for the surfaces to dry completely. If you are handling contaminated items such as towel or linens, avoid shaking them before washing, to reduce the risk of contaminating other surfaces.
  5. Kitchen surfaces can not only harbor the bacteria we transfer from our hands and belongings but also foodborne bacteria so it is particularly important to disinfect items properly in the kitchen.
  6. Use household disinfectant that is also quick drying and registered with the EPA.
  7. Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting your home.

Transmission from person-to-person is a much greater risk than transmission via surfaces, but the experts recommends we clean and disinfect touched surfaces in our homes at least once daily just to be safe, assuming we have had contact with the outside world in some way, either a person leaving and returning or goods coming in.

If you seek to provide a healthier environment in your home, follow the following cleaning tips or contact highly trained restoration professionals that can provide a differentiation deep and surface cleaning.

 If you think that your home or business needs some CLEANING or DISINFECTING, we at SERVPRO of Ventura are here to help. Call us at (805) 656-3911. All of our cleanup practices are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CDC and local authorities.


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Keeping an environment clean is not just for cleaning dust and dirt. We often forget that keeping the air
clean is well within our control. We often forget that keeping the air clean is within our control and that
we should take the necessary steps.
Office spaces and other living environments have air ducts for heating and cooling that often get clogged
up with dirt, dust, and other grime. Same thing with houses, there are some things homeowners can do
to prevent dust build up in the air ducts, and usually, that involves regular changing of air filters.
What is Air duct?
Ducts are conduits or passages used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air.
Ducts commonly also deliver ventilation air as part of the supply air.
Can dirty air ducts make you sick?
In homes with dirty air ducts, occupants may experience symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of
allergies, including coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. Mold, dust and other contaminants lurking in
your ducts could also cause sore throat, headaches and even dizziness.

5 Signs You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned
1. You Haven't Changed the Air Filter in Months.
2. The Registers and Vent Covers Have Visible Dust.
3. You Detect Mold in or Around Your HVAC System.
4. Airflow Isn't Consistent From Room to Room.
5. You Can Hear Noises in the Ductwork.

Is Air Duct Cleaning worth it?
Due to growing concerns about indoor air quality, it’s easy to convince homeowners that their ducts
need cleaning. If you home has never had its air ducts cleaned, then it may be time to consider having it
done. Alternatively, if you or others in your home are frequently experiencing allergy caused symptoms
or you want to save a little more on your energy bills, cleaning air ducts will definitely be worth it.
If you think it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned, we are happy examine your air ducts to see how we
can help. SERVPRO of Ventura provides professional air duct and dryer vent cleaning. Our company not
only caters to residential but also commercial properties throughout Ventura County
For more information on HVAC and air duct cleaning, call us today, (805) 656-3911.

Carpet Cleaning – Do It Yourself vs. Hiring a Pro

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Carpet Cleaning – Do It Yourself vs. Hiring a Pro SERVPRO of Ventura

Carpet Cleaning – Do It Yourself vs. Hiring a Pro

Carpet has long been treasured as a warm and comfortable floor; it adds beauty to living spaces. It also acts as a magnet for dirt, stains and dust mites. Vacuum helps prevent dust, pet hair and grit from settling deep into carpet. Most carpets benefit from annual cleaning to remove the abrasive debris that vacuuming cannot reach.

There are several reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning over do-it-yourself.

  1. Thoroughness

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, cleans carpets thoroughly by injecting hot water into carpet fibers. The process loosens dirt and kills bacteria and dust mites. Water and dirt are immediately drawn back into the machine, leaving little moisture in the carpet and shortening drying time. Special tools work to remove stubborn stains safely and effectively.

Homeowners may purchase or rent carpet cleaners, but the machines leave a substantial amount of moisture in the carpet. Homeowners who lack the training of carpet-cleaning professionals may actually make stains worse by using cleaning methods unsuited for the stain.

  1. Difficulty

Intensive cleaning requires a great deal of bending, kneeling and lifting of heavy equipment. Attempts to clean all portions of the carpet, including hard-to-reach areas, with the same thoroughness as a professional can be exhausting.

  1. Cost

Homeowners choose to clean their carpets themselves to save money, but do-it-yourself carpet cleaning carries hidden costs. Homeowners must also pay for cleaning supplies.  The cost of a carpet-cleaning machine can run into hundreds of dollars, while renting a machine requires an annual cash payout.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning also carries the potential for expenses related to permanent carpet damage. Over-wetting the carpet can result in mold and mildew growth

 Professionals match cleaning methods to the type of carpet being treated, protecting the homeowner’s investment in the process.

Even the highest-quality carpet can show soiling over time. Protect your investment by calling us to clean and maintain your carpet.. The SERVPRO System offers a number of cleaning options to match any type of carpet.

If you are searching for a professional cleaning service that is reliable you can trust and can guarantee you highest quality work, contact SERVPRO of Ventura, a trusted leader in restoration industry, it provides services to ensure that your home is fully restored. Trusting SERVPRO of Ventura to do the job is having your family safe at home again.

Here at SERVPRO of Ventura we are proud to serve. When serious disaster hits, we stand ready to mobilize our team to help out during any kind of crisis. Call us at (805) 656-3911 for assistance.


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Moving can sometimes stressful, no matter where it is you’re going to. Cleaning your home is just one of the tasks you’ll have to accomplish before moving, but what if there was a way around it. Here are things why you should consider hiring a cleaning company to get the job done for you. Hiring a professional cleaning company to deep clean your home or apartment as you’re moving out will set your mind at ease, because they’re professionals, trained in the art of extreme cleanliness.


There are a lot of things to get done when you’re moving. Cleaning your home top to bottom for the new residents probably isn’t too high on your list.  This is why you should hire a janitorial service to handle it. The job will get done quickly, your stress levels will reduce dramatically and you won’t have to worry about another thing on your to-do list.


It is best to hire a professional cleaning company when selling your house. Buyers aren’t likely to put an offer in to purchase your home if it looks like a mess. They need to be able to see themselves living in the space, which is hard for most to do when the carpets are stained, furniture is dusty and stinky.


Everyone loves to have a clean house; Buyer probably doesn’t love being the one to clean it. It’s something that can be pushed to the side in favor of more appealing tasks, like packing up your rooms. Cleaning is easy to leave to the last minute, turning it into a rush job. To avoid late night cleaning sessions the day before moving, hire a professional cleaning service to get the job done for you.

If you are searching for a professional cleaning service that is reliable you can trust and can guarantee you highest quality work, contact SERVPRO of Ventura, a trusted leader in restoration industry, it provides services to ensure that your home is fully restored. Trusting SERVPRO of Ventura to do the job is having your family safe at home again.

Here at SERVPRO of Ventura we are proud to serve. When serious disaster hits, we stand ready to mobilize our team to help out during any kind of crisis. Call us at (805) 656-3911 for assistance.


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- It is important to learn as much as you can about air duct cleaning before you decide to have your ducts cleaned.

- If you suspect an indoor air quality problem exists in your home, consider other possible sources of indoor air pollution.

- Have your air ducts cleaned if they are visibly contaminated with substantial mold growth, pests or vermin, or are clogged with substantial deposits of dust or debris.

- Ask the service provider to show you any mold or other biological contamination they say exists. Get laboratory confirmation of mold growth or decide to rely on your own judgment and common sense in evaluating apparent mold growth.

- Get estimates from at least three service providers. Check references.

- Ask your service provider and insist he/she gives you knowledgeable and complete answers

- Permit the application of biocides in your ducts only if necessary to control mold growth and only after assuring yourself that the product will be applied strictly according to label directions. As a precaution, you and your pets should leave the premises during application.

- Do not permit the use of sealants except under unusual circumstances where other alternatives are not feasible.

- Make sure the service provider follows the National Air Duct Cleaning Association's (NADCA) standards and, North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) if the ducts are constructed of flex duct, duct board, or lined with fiber glass, it follows the guidelines of the

- Do a yearly preventive maintenance inspection of your heating and cooling system, regular filter changes, and steps to prevent moisture contamination.

Give SERVPRO a call anytime that you need us at (805) 656-3911.


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No proper attic ventilation or attic insulation. During winter months, warm, moist air enters our attics from the living space below and clashes against the cool roof decking and framing, resulting in condensation or even interior frost in attic. This repeated and sustained wetting of the wood encourages attic mold growth. Attic ventilation systems help control the attic moisture, temperature and humidity by exhausting the moist air, eliminating the potential for condensation or frost in attic.

Improper mechanical ventilation. Dryer vents, plumbing vents, kitchen vents and bathroom vents should always be exhausted to the exterior of the building. These vents should be exhausted properly to prevent any moist air deposits in the attic, humidity level rising and mold growth.

When addressing attic mold issue, the source must be addressed to provide a long-term solution. The key to eliminating attic mold is controlling the moisture in attic. Have a professional help diagnose your attic moisture and attic mold issues by properly recommending and implementing an attic ventilation system or other corrective measures.

Give SERVPRO a call anytime that you need us at (805) 656-3911.

4 incredibly smart reasons to make your own cleaning products

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SERVPRO is always here to help. Even when it comes to tips to help you clean your own home!  Check out this blog from the Today show for some great money saving tips on making your own cleaning products