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restaurant restaurant

Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation are the most important aspects in the restaurant business. Regardless of how tasty your food maybe, you dish creative and your service is excellent, customers will not want to flock your establishment if it is not clean. SERVPRO of Ventura offers plenty of services to help your business maintain a high level of cleanliness and sanitation.

Clean your Air Ducts and HVAC

Your air ducts and HVAC unit work hard throughout the winter to keep your customers and employees warm. The ventilation system should be properly cleaned in the spring to make sure the air quality in your restaurant is not poor. Our technicians and equipment can clean out your system and make sure everyone breathers easier in the season.

Rugs and Carpets

Spring time is a great time to freshen rugs or carpet. If the furniture does not often move, tracks from normal foot traffic can start to wear down your rugs or carpets. Proper cleaning will get rid of the smells and the dust. SERVPRO system offers a number of cleaning options to match any type of upholstery or carpet.

Kitchen Cleaning

Countertop and hard surfaces are hotbed for bacteria growth. Since your frequently use them for food preparation, they should be cleaned a couple of times a day. SERVPRO of Ventura offer cleaning services ranging from cleaning restaurant hoods to removing biohazards contaminants.

If you are seeking for proper cleaning of your business, call SERVPRO of Ventura. We understand the stress and worry. Our technicians are trained to use specialized cleaning and disposal techniques. Call us at SERVPRO of Ventura (805) 656-3911


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commercial cleaning commercial cleaning

Whether you need industrial cleaning , school cleaning or office cleaning, the following questions will go a long way toward determining whether the cleaning company can provide your business with services you need.

  1. How long have you been in the industry?

This is one of the first questions to ask. It is critical to look for a company that has been in business for at least several years. This is a sign that they have been successful. 

  1. Are you CIMS certified?

Cleaning Industry Management Standard certification ensures that the company under consideration has proven a record of adhering to industry best practices that deliver responsive, consistent and effective cleaning.

  1. Are you insured?

Not only should your office cleaning company is insured, they insured that you are protected. You should verify coverage in order to give you a peace of mind that your commercial cleaning company is adequately protected. 

  1. What training do you give your employees?The cleaning service’s employees must be able to deliver the excellent service your business needs.

If you are looking for commercial cleaning company, SERVPRO of Ventura is here to help. Contact us today.


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In this article, SERVPRO of Ventura highlights how homeowners can avoid fire damage disasters by turning off appliances before leaving the house.

Faulty appliances cause thousands of residential fires every year. It also causes hundreds of deaths and injuries and even millions of property losses. If you’re not home even the first few seconds of the emergency, your house can go up in flames.

Below is a list of home appliances that can cause substantial damage if they are left at home when no one is home.


These can cause fires if not used properly. Many factors can cause an electrical heater to catch fire.


These are the cause of fires in the country each year according to the US CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION. During the heating/drying cycle, the heating element could fail and cause a fire. Make sure the dishwasher is off when leaving the house.


A dryer should never run when you are not home or while you are sleeping. The main cause of dryer is overheating.


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If your home suffers from storm damage,it is important to work with storm damage specialist. Not only safe but working with professional company means you have to access to better higher quality materials and hardware.

Finding the right company ensure the success of restoration project. Below discusses the qualities that you should look for in a storm restoration company.


Its is important to work with specialist with years of experience working with water and storm related issues. An experienced company knows where to look and what to address first.


It is important work with contractor with renewed license and all relevant insurance to protect you throughout the project.

SERVPRO of Ventura has training and certifications, and insurance knowledge to assist you with cleaning and repairing your home or business after disaster.


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bad day of raining man looking at a rain cloud drawing on a wall

Rains come at unexpected times, so it’s always necessary to protect your business against floodwater. Heavy rains can cause flooding, power outages, mold growth, and other serious problems, so it’s crucial to be proactive to avoid significant damage or disruption to the business. While it’s always a good idea to have a water remediation company in your area, on standby, here are a few things you can do on your own to protect your business.


If you operate within an area that floods often, then you may want to have extra sandbags on hand in case of a strong storm. Pace sandbags around the vulnerable place like doorways and windows to create a makeshift barrier.


A flood can turn extreme elements into wrecking balls. Outdoor furniture that may seem heavy can float in high water levels and become scattering ram, breaking windows and causing severe damage. To prevent outdoor furniture from becoming hazardous, bring whatever furniture you can.


Instead of risking water damage to expensive electronics, make sure to raise all equipment above flood level. If your business has a second level, then moving all equipment upstairs is best.


 Consider boarding up the property to prevent serious damage to windows and doors.

For water damage restoration services, call SERVPRO of Ventura


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wall water damage and mold wall water damage and mold

Water on your concrete floor might seem like a trivial matter, you might even dismiss the sight thinking it will dry and not cause a problem. However, you may be surprised to learn that water damaged concrete can be one of the most devastating problems a homeowner or business owner can face. Not only is it unsightly but it can also cause structural issues and mold growth if not addressed properly.

Concrete is a material that is used wide variety of places. It is relied as a strong and durable material. However, when concrete is put under tension, it can crack. Here are some of the common causes of damage to concrete.


It occurs when water seeps into the concrete, freeze and then flakes off. Cement is porous material which makes it possible for the water to get into the concrete.


When concrete is poured, there is moisture in it. As concrete dries, the moisture escapes which causes the mixture to shrink and crack.


In building structures, steel rebar is placed within the concrete to prevent rusting. However, if chloride is present, the steel can begin to rust. Rust stains appear on concrete due to deposits of iron and water.

Many homes are built on concrete foundations, and a combination of these things can lead to a dangerous living scenario. Homeowners should take preventive measures by ensuring their homes are waterproofed to prevent further water damage to concrete.

For water damage restoration services, call SERVPRO of Ventura .


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Deep cleaning is tough without a shadow of doubt. If you plan to do it independently, finishing might take more than a weekend. It includes climbing on ladders, heavy lifting, a lot of scrubbing, climbing chairs to reach the ceiling and finally, completing it with painting.

Hire professionals in SERVPRO of Ventura to do your work correctly. It includes intensive work. The advantages of deep cleaning your house go far beyond keeping yourself fit. Below are advantages of deep cleaning services.


Deep cleaning protects you from the germs and bacteria settled in your home. One of the best way to keep yourself and your family from victim of bugs is making sure your home is deep cleaned and disinfected.


Often times, especially during the cold seasons, the air we breath at home is state. It is intoxicated and simply put, not so healthy. Deep cleaning gives proper air circulation in the rooms, removes old stains and all sorts of stuff that can have a negative effect on the indoor air quality.


Deep cleaning gives you perfect opportunity to get rid of stuff you don’t need or want anymore. Everything from clothes that don’t fit anymore and outdated magazines. Once you remove all the stuff from your living space, you will feel a lot better and more positive.


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Water Damage caused by a broken washing machine Water Damage caused by a broken washing machine

The most frequent form of property damage is caused by water and there are numerous ways it can occur. Nature, for one, can be the cause through sudden storms and flooding. A pipe burst is another common culprit, especially those sneaky slow leak. Sewage backups is the worst unmistakable type of water loss. Here are some ways to determine whether its new or old.

Tactile Cues

You can determine how old the damage is touching the water spot. New water damage will not have had time to weaken the dry wall, when still wet, it will still feel hard. Older water damage spots will feel squishy, you will be able to move it without much pressure or force.

Visual Cues

The age of water damage can be estimated the same way people figure out the age of mess, by the rings. Newer spots will be one dark spot, but older water damage spots will begin to develop rings. The older the spot, the more rings it will have.

Bacteria takes time to colonize, if you see mold, that means the water has been there for a few days. If you notice decay, this means that your house has been exposed to consistent standing water over a period of time.

If you need a water damage restoration service in your area, SERVPRO of Ventura is here to help. Call us at (805) – 656 – 3911.


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wind damage after storm Storm damage Ventura

In any season, storms can be severe. There are ways to prepare your home for inevitable storms that sooner or later come. It can be difficult to protect your home and yard from the strong winds of a hurricane, but there are some steps you can take to help minimize the damage. Here are storm wise landscaping tips to better prepare your property.

Practice proper tree care

A home’s treescape provides shade, saves on energy bills, creates ambiance, and can add significant value to the selling price of a home. Secure the services of a reputable, experienced and well-equipped tree service to extract the trees. The dead tree may drop limbs or, worse, fall over while being tied off or cut down. They can also fall during high winds. Tree removal makes this type of damage avoidable.

Healthy trees need regular maintenance, especially if the canopy is near the home or overhangs the roof. Limbs impact damage to siding, trim, paint, gutters, or windows caused by a tree near the structure is considered regular wear and tear over an extended period of time and would be covered by insurance. A limb puncture to the roof may unnoticed until a cascade of water pours into the attic, causing ceiling and wall water damage in the rooms below.

Avoid planting trees and shrubs near the septic system

When designing and installing a new landscape plan, avoid planting trees and shrubs on or near the septic drain field or main sewer line. The sewer line may be damaged during the planting process, resulting in a sewage backup disaster. Overtime, roots from trees and shrubs can clog the drain field or crack the sewer line. The repairs to the sewage system will be costly, and sewage backup in the home can result in costly cleanup and restoration.

Carefully manage water runoff around the home

Make sure the grade around the home slopes away from the foundation at one inch per foot for at least six to ten feet. Do not pile mulch next toe the foundation since the excess moisture can cause mold or wood rot. Inspect downspout periodically to determine if connections are secure and do not leak.

Inspect and clean out gutter

Clogged gutters frequently cause water damage in the attic, sliding, ceilings and walls inside the home. Clean the gutters several times when the leaves begin to fall during autumn. A heavy thunderstorm with high winds can strip a tree bear.


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storm and rain lightning in the streets storm and rain lightning in the streets

For a property owner, a worst case disaster scenario involving water damage can seem unthinkable and then suddenly becomes a reality. In the aftermath of a disaster, quick response time by a disaster recovery and restoration specialist can help minimize property damage as well as inventory or home content loss.

The 1st 24 hours following a water loss is the most important in preventing secondary or permanent damage. Within 4 hours of loss notification, SERVPRO of Ventura will have professional on site to help ensure the water damage is handled by the following steps.:


To determine the exact of water damage and review inspection with you to ensure any questions before beginning any work.


Help protect your home or business as well as personal belongings and other contents, from further damage by extracting excess water before begin the drying.


To help ensure your home or business and belongings are dried to appropriate industry standards.


Will repair structural materials, reinstall carpets and clean affected areas of your property and belongings.